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Mission and Educational Philosophies


Mission Statement


Upholding the mission of “One key concept expressed three ways”, Ming Chuan University prides itself in providing an educational setting which attends to all students with parental care, support and guidance. As a comprehensive institution of higher education, Ming Chuan University strives for excellence in teaching and learning through theory-based, application-oriented education to prepare learners with professionalism, team spirit and broad worldviews for internationalization.




G1 - Striving for Excellence

By combining the Chinese educational heritage with Western scientific methods in teaching, research, and assessment of learning outcomes, MCU’s faculty and students benefit from the strengths of both Eastern and Western educational systems. Students acquire key knowledge and tools for job-market competition (i.e. English language and information technology) to ensure their competitiveness in the world economy. The University maintains an ongoing assessment program for all academic and administrative units to support its core mission. Curriculum is continually reviewed and updated as needed to nurture students in developing skills in independent analysis, judgment, decision-making, and creativity.


G2 - Establish Professionalism through Multiple Channels

The goal of professionalism emphasizes academia-industry collaboration to reinforce theoretical knowledge and practical competence, continuing to make MCU graduates highly regarded in the marketplace. The market-oriented curriculum and interdisciplinary collaboration enhance students’ theoretical knowledge while equipping them with current market-place trends and skills. The faculty includes members with strong academic preparation and rich professional experiences.


G3 - Internationalization

International trade and globalization both vitalize economic development in Taiwan, supported by the contributions of higher education to this knowledge-based economy. The University stresses the importance of long-term development of international higher education.


Educational Philosophies


Ming Chuan University was established upon Founder Pao’s educational philosophies, including:

-Attending to all students with parental care, support, and guidance

-Strict Discipline and Diligent Teaching

-Encouraging keen effort in teaching

-Matching instruction in theory with experience in application

-Stressing both the humanities and technology


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