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•    Asian Root - Over 56 years of development and transformation, Ming Chuan University (MCU) started up by cultivating business talents who served as the backbones of thriving economy in Taiwan and generated a public recognition: ”Within every successful business there is a Ming Chuan graduate”


•    Pioneering Spirit - MCU was known as the forerunner of women's education in Taiwan, the first institution in Taiwan to have an international college which uses English as the language of instruction and interaction in class, the first U.S. accredited university in Asia, and the first institution launching overseas campus site out-racing its peers.


•    Thinker/Doer - At a later stage, the school was expanded as a general university, known for its educational philosophy - matching instruction in theory with experience in application.


•    Dual Recognition - The establishment of Ming Chuan University - Michigan Location (MCU-MI) was founded with the approval from the State of Michigan in the United States (April 18, 2012) and the Ministry of Education in Taiwan (July 10, 2013). The diploma of MCU-MI is recognized by both American and Taiwanese governments.


•    Double Accreditation - MCU-MI is an international joint-venture of Ming Chuan University and Saginaw Valley State University (SVSU) where the former was accredited by Middle States Commission on Higher Education and the latter by Higher Learning Commission.


•    Cross-Cultural Programs - Two graduate programs, “International Master of Business Administration (IMBA)” and “Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language (TCFL),” are offered by MCU-MI. All the courses are instructed by quality faculty from both MCU and SVSU.


•    East Meets West Location - MCU-MI paves the avenue for Asian students to launch their voyage in the heartland of the U.S. by establishing its location on the campus of SVSU, a well-equipped university known for educating talents in the fields of communication, arts and technology. MCU-MI students equally enjoy its state of the art facilities as the students of SVSU.



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