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Teaching Chinese as a Second/Foreign Language (TCFL)



In recent years, the field of TCS/FL (Teaching Chinese as a Second/Foreign Language) has rapidly expanded to every corner of the world. The master's  program of Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language was founded to foster exceptional talents in the field of TCFL. The  master's  program places a strong emphasis on integrating theories and practices in education. We aim to prepare students for a promising career in TCFL and to further contribute to the Chinese language education field


One Tuition for Two Degrees

Upon the completion of 36 credit hours, students will be granted with two graduate degrees, Master of Arts (MA) by SVSU and Master of Arts (MA) by MCU-MI. The dual degrees demonstrate an international, cross-cultural, and cross-disciplinary competency of the graduates.


Career Prospects

  • TCFL teacher
  • Administrative staff in Mandarin teaching institutions
  • Mandarin teaching materials developer, for all levels of learners
  • Chinese language assessor or Chinese testing and assessment designer
  • Further study in the field of TCFL; Trainer of TCFL teachers




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