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New Media and Communication Administration Program (NMCA)

In order to earn a master degree from the New Media and Communication Administration (NMCA) program at Ming Chuan University, students must complete all 4 courses (12 credits) in the core area, as well as 7 courses from the interest areas. Among the required 11 courses (33 credits), 6 courses (18 credits) will be offered by SVSU and 5 courses (15 credits) will be offered by MCU. This is a total of 33 credits (see Figure 1: course allocation offered by SVSU and MCU). 

Figure 1: course allocation offered by SVSU and MCU.


The core courses and interest areas that are offered by SUSV and MCU are listed below.


Core Courses (12 credits required; offered by SVSU):

CDM      530 Media, Meaning, and Audience

CDM      650A Introduction to Research in Communication Studies

LS          660 Organizational Leadership

CDM      675 Capstone in Human Communication Theory (new course)


SUSV Interest Area 1: Communication and Digital Media Practices (6 credits required; offered by SVSU)


CDM      510 Introduction to Multimedia Software

CDM      550 Experience Design

CDM      560 Digital Imaging

CDM      545 Social Media Strategies

CDM      590 Usability Research

LS          565 Organizational Finance    

CDM       640 Collaborative Project Design


SUSV Interest Area 2: Communication Administration (6 credits required; offered by SVSU)tors

MAS       520 Communication for Administrators

MAS       560 Conflict Management within Organizations

LS           615 Ethics in the Professions

MAP       520 Communication for Administrators                                                           



SUSV Interest Area 3: Communication Environments (6 credits required; offered by SVSU)

CDM      535 Visual Criticism

LS          570 Intercultural Communication

CDM      565 Current Issues in Emerging Technologies

CDM      590 Special Topics in CMA

CDM      635 Computer Mediated Communication

CDM      645 Cultural Studies of New Media


NMCA Interest Area 1: Applied Communication and New Media Marketing (offered by MCU-MI)

MCU    Visual Effects in the Digital Age

MCU    Frontiers in New Media Research

MCU    Studies on Media Marketing Strategies

MCU    Special Topics in New Media Cimmunication  

MCU    Design of New Media Project

MCU    New Media Marking


NMCA Interest Area 2: Contemporary Chinese media and market (offered by MCU-MI)

MCU        Introduction to Mass Communication Industry in Greater China

MCU        Special Topics in the Chinese New Media Industry

MCU        Media Internship


Course Transfer Maximum

A student may transfer a maximum of 15 credits (5 courses) from the Master of Arts in New Media and Applied Communication (NMCA) at Ming Chuan University to the Master of Arts in Communication and Media and Administration at SVSU. This maximum includes direct course equivalencies and interest area transfers.


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