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SVSU and Ming Chuan University share unveiling

Friday, Dec. 9, marked an important milestone for the sisterhood between Ming Chuan University and Saginaw Valley State University.

On that day, the two universities came together to watch as a delegation from Anhui, a province between China and Taiwan, unveiled a bust of Lin Mingchuan.

Mingchuan, for whom MCU receives its namesake, was the first governor of Taiwan. He defended Taiwan against a French invasion, established important infrastructure, advanced industry and created multiple schools throughout Taiwan. As such, he is often referred to as the Father of Modernization in Taiwan.

Ming Chuan is therefore a fitting name for the university that SVSU first partnered with in 2013.

The relationship has blossomed as the years have passed, with both universities offering more of their students the chance to study abroad and more integration of their sister school’s culture. As such, the gift of the Mingchuan bust is yet another sign of the growing respect and the joining of the two universities and their respective cultures.

The students in attendance of the ceremony agreed.

“This statue is the bridge that links SVSU to China. Sending it to SVSU connects the two universities together,” said alum Jubi Huang. “The universities have a really good relationship, and we hope to bring more students to Ming Chuan.”

SVSU student Chun Lin said that by holding similar events, people can learn about different cultures and that learning Chinese is not as difficult as one would assume.

“My personal opinion is that these activities show that Chinese students are friendlier than people suppose they are, and it can show the Chinese that they should invite more people to study abroad, especially since this university partnership is doing so well,” Lin said.

Roberts Fellow and SVSU student Brandon Errer said it is an important step toward companionship between the two universities.

“I think that, when SVSU works with a diverse set of partner universities, it can only expand and grow our own mindsets and viewpoints as SVSU students,” said Errer, the Valley Vanguard’s advertising manager. “I am super excited to be part of bringing these two universities together.”

MCU Vice President for International Affairs Robert Yien began the ceremony, which was conducted in both Chinese and English.

SVSU President Donald Bachand then echoed the sentiments of Yien, a former longtime SVSU administrator. Both stressed the importance of the cooperation between the sister universities.

Then, Zhang Young, the director-general of the Taiwan Affairs Office of Anhui Provincial People’s Government, as well as Madame Yu Hong, the counselor of Economic and Commercial Counselor’s Office Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in the U.S.A., spoke of the emphasis their county’s’ place on education and their commitment to the partnership between SVSU and MCU.

To conclude the ceremony, Nathan Liu, the dean of the Division of Mainland China Education and Exchange at MCU, gave his hopes for a bright future that entails the universities’ partnership to grow even stronger with time.


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