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International Master of Business Administration (IMBA) *COMING SOON*

The Education Mission and Goals of IMBA
1.Mission of IMBA Education
Our mission is the pursuit of teaching quality and academic excellence                                                               by strengthening management training in the fields of research and practice.                                                   Our focus is to nurture professional management talent and a teamwork                                                       ethic,by using a global vision to better serve the business community                                                                 at large.
2. The Education Goals of IMBA
Our goals are 
1. To strengthen professionalism
2. To enhance research capabilities 
3. To work effectively as a team
4. To enhance a global business perspective
3. We train students with Core Competencies:
1. Management expertise
2. International business knowledge
3. Interpersonal skills
4. Research and problem-solving skills
5. Understanding of business ethics 
The goal of our curriculum is based on our mission and goals to build up                                                students' core competencies, as shown in following figure.


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