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IMBA students for graduation should pass oral defense and meet professional capability requirements. To apply for Thesis Proposal, students should get credits (with scored of higher than 70) of the following pre-required courses: Accounting, and Statistics, these courses can be waiving from collegial course.


Students must complete a minimum of 43 credit hours required and elective courses, pass qualifying tests, and satisfy the requirements stipulated in the regulations for students in the program prior to graduation.

·    Prerequisite Courses

o   Accounting 2 cr

o   Statistics 2 cr

·    MCU-Required Courses

o   B0109 Business Chinese (1) 2 cr

o   B0110 Business Chinese (2) 2 cr

·     SOM-Required Courses

o   M2201 Business Ethics 2 cr

o   M2101 Marketing Management 3 cr

o   M2102 Corporate Finance 3 cr

o   M2103 Human Resource Management 3 cr

o   M2104 Operations Management 3 cr

·     Required Courses

o   B0230 Management Practice 2 cr

·      Elective Courses

-Professional Courses

o   B0160 Strategy Management 3 cr

o   B0137 E-Business 3 cr

-Management Research Methods Courses

o   B0112 Statistic Methods and Data Analysis 3 cr

o   B0110 Research Methods 3 cr

-Management Professional Courses

o   B0125 Consumer Behavior 3 cr

o   B0167 New Product and Brand Management 3 cr

o   B0236 Marketing Communication Management 3 cr



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