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MCUMI TCFL Promotional VIdeo 華語文教學碩士學位學程宣傳短片


MCUMI TCFL Promotional VIdeo 銘傳大學美國分校 華語文教學碩士學位學程宣傳短片




初步入學審查 Preliminary Screening



1. 英文自傳一頁,內容包括個人學習成果、進修計畫及進修目標

2. 英文履歷表一份

3. 由畢業或肄業之大學彌封的英文學業成績單乙份

4. 最高學位畢業證書影本(如申請者為應屆畢業生並尚未獲得大學畢業證書,請提供大學入學證明)


We recommend that applicants who are applying for the preliminary screening for our Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language Program and New Media and Communication Administration Program submit their application materials by April 30th.


The required documents include:

104年托福英檢輔導班招生簡章2015 TOEFL Preparation Course


由我們提供優質的備戰環境與課程,加上你個人的積極努力配合自習以及Study Group機制的啟動,


MCU will offer TOEFL preparation class and provide a good learning environment for you to prepare for the test. With your determination and the collaborative study group learning atmosphere, achieving a high score on TOFEL can be within your sights.   


104年托福英檢輔導班英文版招生簡章下載 (English Version)


MCUMI Facebook Page Is Now Up and Running!


親愛的海內外師長&親友,我們美國分校FB正式成立, 敬請踴躍按"讚" 踴躍分享! 一定要"酷Cool" 喔! Dear friends, Ming Chuan University, Michigan Location is now accessible on FB. Please "like" the page and share as much as you can. Thanks much & stay "Cool"!

加強班 TOEFL Development Program


This news section provides access to information about English development class.  More information is coming soon.  

先修班 Advancement Program


This news section provides access to information about Digital Art and Aesthetics.  More information is coming soon.  

雙學位碩士學程 Dual Degree Programs


This news section provides access to all the information about TCFL & NMCA, e.g. Launching of On-line Application System, poster, brochures, etc.

The link to Dual Degree Programs

MCUMI on-line apllication system

暑期課程與活動 Summer Program and Camp


This news section provides access to information about LAFH Program and Mandarin Camp)



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